"Consensual Abduction"


I discovered gelpens. After many years of arduously dipping quils into jars of ink and working at brushstroke speed I have finally found a medium that swiftly and meticulously renders DMT-cartoons into existence…

new works by Michaelangelo

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And my passengers have the nerve to tell me to slow down over speed bumps…

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i saw this on one of those strange little picture slideshow websites so i decided to post it ;) have fun kids

I have found heaven and it’s full of liquor

This is how adults play games lol

im really feelin that sexual jenga and the fucking alcohol chess.

I have my version of the jenga game it’s awesomes


are we gonna say anything about the gagged bieber cutout or

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Creations from French Girls, an iPhone app where people draw portraits based on selfies of others. [via]

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But why would you want to ride a rollercoaster that only goes up? The down part is the fun part.


photos by (click pic) tim kemple (previously featured) and scotty rogers of the moab monkeys slacklining three thousand feet above rio de janeiro (see also: previous brasil posts)


Here we have Tranan. A one of a kind S&S ‘Freefly’ with no restraints, and ride-ops who encourage you to stick your hands and arms outside the swinging boat at all times.

Basically one of the weirdest coaster experiences of your life.





Duke Engine

Guy! Holy tits, check this engine design out! This is really cool and I am interested to know what its pros and cons are. About to look into this.

I imagine vibration is a big issue with this. That star thingy would be very difficult to balance in multiple directions

Never mind, it’s got a pretty nice balancer

But if rotary guys thing Apex Seals are bad, think of how bad they’d be on this one… Those cylinders slide around the entire circle.

Five Reasons You Need To Buy A Subaru Impreza 2.5 RS Right Now









epeen raised

Jalopnik needs to stop alerting people on cars I want to buy eventually it’s not cool. They did it with the E30 M3 too

Fucking word! I am sick and tired of people feeling like they need to broadcast all of these good, semi-rare, gems to the world! Idk if it is because you want more recognition for the car you own, or if you are just stoked about it and want to share it with people, but fucking quit. If people don’t know already, then don’t alert them to it.

It’s like if you found this small town in some country and it was perfect. The people were great. The city was well maintained. There was no crime so people just left their doors unlocked at night; it was that safe. They had amazing weather year-round and some of the most beautiful countryside you had ever seen. Everything you needed was there and the food, oh my god, the food was the superb.

Would you then go blab to the world about this diamond in the rough so that people could then ruin it for everyone? NO! You would shut the fuck up about it and live there in peace, greeting those who found their way there just as you did, and praying every day you step outside and look at that beautiful sunrise that some punks come and ruin everything.

If people can’t find it on their own, then they don’t deserve to know.

Or look at it this way. If someone is purchasing a car and asking for particulars like chassis codes, body styles, drive trains and the like, is it more likely that they are:

A. Someone who doesn’t really care about what they drive and sees cars as an appliance/status symbol (like Mr. Point A to Point B and Mrs. Escalade/Range Rover) or

B. Someone who wants something to drive something unique and interesting straight from the factory and understands how cars can be an expression of someone’s identity. A potential hobbyist.

I will never complain about someone learning something new. If someone asks about a certain year or trim, why would you hold information from them? I want people to understand why my Honda was special. I love explaining why M3s are bat-shit insane. I could care less if people started snatching up the 850R Volvo just because they heard of it on a blog like Jalopnik, Speedhunters or this one, as long as they understand it’s not just an old man’s people carrier and that bitch will fscking move if you put your foot down.

This has never been a members only thing, so please don’t turn it into one. We need more 2.5 Subies and E30 Beamers than Camrys on the road.

#besides, #anyone using chassis codes to find a car better know exactly what the fuck they’re talking about

Don’t misunderstand me. I agree with you fully. My point is this, I welcome people learning about cars and automobiles. I wish more people knew more about them every day. I never want there to be some sort of members only mentality like you are seeing more and more these days. What I would appreciate, though, is for places like jalopnik to stop signal boosting for people to go out and buy a certain car.

I am 100% on board with articles and write-ups and stories about how the E30 M3 is a magical chariot of the gods, and how the 2002 turbo is one of the coolest cars of its era, and even still. What I am no okay with is “X reasons you need to go out and get this car today!”

To me, that is “leading the witness” to purchase a car, not because they honestly want to own that particular car, but because they want to be the guy who has the “car everyone is after.”

You shouldn’t have to tell people to go buy a certain car. This isn’t the stock market. You should inform people about the qualities of a car for the sake of wanting the to be informed. You are not a car salesman, you are (or used to be) an information hub.

What I am trying to say is that by posting stories like that or having shows like barrett-jackson, it creates an unnatural demand in the market because people follow fads and suggestions, you know what I mean?

Yeah, bro, I follow you. And I agree, Jalopnik isn’t what it used to be. It’s turned into more of a consumer’s digest compared the light hearted blog it used to be a few years back.

Fuck gawker, man. I used to be on jalop all the time. Now I can hardly follow links to it from here. 

From interesting “almost-forum-like” to Buzzfeed in the last two years