A photo set of funny Russian things that my friend sent to me.

God I love these


Back when I was in charge of hiring for GameStop, a guy came in, handed me his application, and ‘accidentally’ let a sonic screwdriver fall out of his sleeve. “Now that you know I’m a time lord, I guess you’ll haaaaave to interview me,” he laughed alone, and that’s why I refuse to watch Doctor Who.

…what does a sonic the hedgehog tool set have to do with doctor who?



Insects and Fish with Engines and Propellers Fused into Their Bodies

Paintings created by San Francisco-based artist Robert Bowen

Thus is so cool!



The planets, aligned.

the sickest thing ive ever seen

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I love photography because…

for every 400 pictures you take, 3 turn out well



"Consensual Abduction"


I discovered gelpens. After many years of arduously dipping quils into jars of ink and working at brushstroke speed I have finally found a medium that swiftly and meticulously renders DMT-cartoons into existence…

new works by Michaelangelo

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And my passengers have the nerve to tell me to slow down over speed bumps…